Everyday habits that keep bugs at bay

The best way to treat a pest invasion in your home or business, is by preventing it from even happening in the first place.  Among all of our responsibilities that take up most of our time, like work, paying bills, and meeting nagging friends or family members– we may not notice the things we do in our normal routines that could possibly be welcoming bugs into the home or business.

There is a running joke on an animated television series that we like to watch on occasion; the older, mother/boss character will shout, “Do you want ants?!  Because THAT…is how you get aunts.”  The other characters on the show look at her like she is uptight and crazy, but honestly, any professional pest removal expert would completely agree with the statement.  When it comes to any organism– deer, birds, and even small insects– if we give them a regular source of food and nourishment, then that means they will come back to your location for more (and often with reinforcements.)  If you cook or eat at home, even just snacks, there is a good chance you are not keeping floors and surfaces as clean as they should be.  Vacuuming and dusting, especially in corners, can drastically lower your chances of a bug invasion, and it is an easy way to start improving your pest control today.

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