The best pest control requires these following steps

At Bees N Wasp Pest Control we always discover ways to get rid of pesky bugs safely and effectively using the most standard safety precautions in the market, we want to help pest control companies find healthy ways to get rid of bugs in this industry. So many times we see many unwarranted injuries arise from people not wearing the proper safety gear when they go out to work. Leading to slow and residual damage to their bodies from the toxic fumes that can come off some of the products they are using.

We also want to change public perception on pest control industry, that it doesn’t have to always involve toxic chemicals and now days with advent of technologies, there are ways to use bio-friendly compounds to get rid of and ward off bugs that’s not toxic to the human body.

We have been educating the public for over 25 years and there is nothing we love more than educating the public and the pest control companies of the city, so that more healthy practices can be enforced. Leading to better understanding of not just whats good for the people but what is good for the environment. We started off as our own pest control company and now we have experience in educating over 25 different companies in the industry and we continue to grow each year showing people that pest control is safe and effective when given the right understanding and tools.

We hope to educate new companies all the time so please do not hesitate to call us.

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